Table Saw/Router Table Station – Complete!

Sometimes, I intend to write a post but, for one reason or another, it takes me a while to actually get around to writing it up and publishing it on this site. This ‘station’ was completed several weeks ago and, in that time, I’ve made numerous attempts to sell it, with a couple of potential buyers very interested at the moment. I made it with the intention that I’d be able to use it and further my woodworking but, that’s not practical in my current workshop, when I have much more of a need to use the other machines in close proximity.

Continuing on from where we last left off, here follows the conclusion to the build…

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Getting a Grip

It must have been late-2009 when I made a plywood base cabinet to sit directly underneath my chip extractor (an Axminster ADE1200). Small workshops are all about making the most of whatever space you can find. As this extractor wasn’t very tall (no more than 5ft, to the top of the filter bag), I seized on the opportunity to increase its height by a good foot and to keep some of my ‘junk’ from off of the floor.

This extractor lives in a corner of the workshop, which makes it very difficult to access directly, when the time comes to change the bag. So, it’s often easiest for me to clear a space ahead and to roll the unit forwards. A problem occurs then because the weight of the unit is still on top, with the motor and so, attempting to drag of push the extractor out of or in to hiding often results in it tipping up. That’s why I decided to finally make and fit another handle lower down, which would allow me more direct control over the ‘weight-less’ half of the unit, directly supporting the upper load.

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Fitting the Next Router Table

With the plywood cabinet assembly complete, I could next look at installing my router table. Simply fitting my existing benchtop table (made about three-years ago) wouldn’t have worked. For starters, I’d have had to reduce its height by a few inches. One of the flaws in its design is that I wasn’t left with much arm room in which to fiddle with the collet when changing cutters. That’s why I decided to make a new unit (keeping the old top!) from 18mm MDF; most of which was salvaged from my previous table saw stand – if I hadn’t glued those joints though, it would’ve been much easier getting it all apart…

I decided I would try and use my extended table saw for some of these rips; mainly, because I couldn’t be bothered to get my saw horses out, setup the cutting table and also to mess around with the circular saw and guide again! These components weren’t as big as the plywood I was cutting before and, with the PK200’s fence G-cramped to one of my temporary width supports, I was able to make cuts as wide as 600mm and slightly more (not that I quite needed to cut such a width).

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