A Morning in Bakewell

Tuesday 15th September 2015

After my third and final night confined to a tent – the longest stretch that I have so far spent camping alone – it was time to pack up and begin the long journey home. Instead of straightforward route from A to B, I decided to make one last stop along the way.

That three-and-a-half-hour drive was inevitable. But while I was up in Derbyshire, I felt it was only right to at least make something more of my morning and that’s when I followed my SatNav on a twenty-minute journey to Bakewell.

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Chocolate and Orange Pizza

This is a dessert I’d been sizing up for a few months. It was left on hold while the issue regarding my faulty oven was to be resolved. But, no sooner was it back in my kitchen that I was eagerly following the steps to this recipe, which came directly from The Halogen Oven Cook Book.

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