Gate Frustrations

Winter often seems to bring an welcome measure of wet weather to the UK and this season so far has been no exception. We had dry days in the autumn but the summer was a near-complete washout. All this rain adds moisture to the air and this can wreak havoc with any timber features of our homes and the need for them to function smoothly.

Gate latch (after bending).

Doors and windows mostly but, today, I want to focus on the tongue and groove gate I made in 2011.

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A Timely Reminder

After a couple of weeks with temperatures near the milder regions, the mercury seems to have dropped right back down again, tonight, with some light snow showers apparently forecast for the weekend… All these ups-and-downs can wreak havoc on any unprotected steel or cast iron in your workshop, particularly when the temperature rises after a cold spell and condensation begins to form. As you may recall, I had some trouble with exactly that a year ago, after putting some effort in to insulating the up-and-over garage door and sealing the surrounding gaps to reduce draughts.

Well, I’ve been a little bit fortunate this year… It wasn’t the condensation that hit my bobbin sander hard, it was the 2in hole in the roof!! 😡

It’s my own fault for not tidying up properly and putting things back in their place when I was previously in the workshop about a week ago. This wasn’t a very pleasing site to discover earlier today, let me tell you! There it was, just to the left as you walk in through the main door.

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