‘Re-Bottomming’ My Drawers

Some of you may recall the making of my workbench back in 2009. It wasn’t until several months later that I decided to make a plywood unit beneath to house three wide drawers for the storage of hand tools and other pieces. In truth, I was never entirely happy with the setup and, each winter, the drawer sides and fronts would swell and it would be an effort to get to the tools I wanted to use. Over time, this has led to the ‘collapse’ of the previous drawer bases (cheap, distorted 6mm plywood).

My workbench drawers; as they were for almost four-years.

A few weeks ago; I took a look at the materials I had available and decided to tackle this issue properly.

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French Door Design

I aim to do a little more on the router table, later today. Provided that my new bandsaw blades arrive in time and, of course, that I don’t get talked in to doing some other DIY-type job! 😛 It looks like it might rain today though… 😉 I won’t have much time (if any) to work on it tomorrow but I’m already looking ahead to what will probably be my first project once the new table has been built.

Mum’s been asking again about these French Doors. I tried to patch them up and repaint them a year ago but, they’ve been in such a state for a few years now that I pretty much gave up part way through; deciding that they were, quite literally, beyond repair.

So, it’ll up to me to make some new frames and buy the double glazed units to fit. I don’t like to put too much pressure on myself but, ideally, I will get these finished in time for her birthday in the beginning of July…! 😯

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Bad Door Made Good (Part 2)

Continuing straight on from Part 1 then; I picked up a few lengths of 4x2in redwood (unsorted) from my local timber merchant, Staddons. I went in with the intention of buying saw boards and preparing them myself but, I knew I would only struggle to plane even two 2.1m lengths in my workshop (those 1.8m lengths I used for my workbench last year proved to be enough of a challenge!). So, I payed a bit extra (about £50 in total) I bought my materials with a finished size of 94x44mm, which is ideal. They were even kind enough to select a couple of straight lengths for the stiles, at my request – I couldn’t fault the timber that was chosen for me. Perhaps not the kind of service you’d expect to find at a larger yard, which is why I like using these guys for small orders like this. You’re not allowed anywhere near to the timber for H&S reasons but, having them select the boards for you is the next best thing. 😎

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