Baking Banana Bread

It wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t a cake in the works!

While I’m not actually a huge fan of the traditional Christmas Cake (although, that’s not to imply that I would turn down the offer of a free slice), I decided to have a go at banana bread, using this recipe from BBC Good Food.

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Chocolate Raisin Cake

Two of my favourite ingredients baked within the same oven! This was the same cake I baked during an unofficial ‘Cake Day‘ with a friend back in October – see, I want to say ‘last month‘ but already, it seems December has crept upon us. My first attempt wasn’t without a little disappointment but that fuelled me with the necessary preparation for this effort.

If you’re interested in baking this one for yourself then you’ll find the recipe that I used by clicking right here.

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Lemon Dribble Cake

I’ve been on a bit of a cake-baking frenzy of late. In this post, I’m going to share with you my first (and then second) attempt at baking a lemon drizzle cake, about a fortnight ago. Last Saturday was an unofficial ‘Cake Day’ where a friend and I got together to try and bake-away the mistakes that have plagued our recent efforts…

I had no initial intention of baking a specific lemon drizzle cake. I was searching online for ideas that would suit my halogen oven when I stumbled upon this recipe at the same very site.

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Baking Cookies

I’m itching to write about Sunday’s 20-mile circuit around the Georgian city of Bath but instead, this evening, I’m going to deviate from my recent stream of walk-related posts to talk about my first attempt at baking cookies.

…Which were, admittedly, baked in preparation for the big event!

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Cake No.2

My mum’s birthday came and went very recently and following the success of the chocolate cake-bake for my own birthday bake in March, I decided some time ago that I would be baking a white chocolate [mum’s favourite] cake for this occasion.

Yes, FOUR bars of white chocolate!

Above, you can see all of the ingredients I used (excluding the kitchen cleaner and bottle of olive oil!). Almost every item could be purchased from my local Lidl store, with the exception of only buttermilk and vanilla essence. There’s a chance you could find these in a larger Lidl but, while I was shopping elsewhere with no more than a basket in hand, I decided to buy myself a new liquid measuring jug – one with a scale you can easily read without the need for backlighting!

This recipe is not my own. If you’d like to see it for yourself then please follow the link to All Recipes‘ website.

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Baking Brioche

After an undeniable absence following on from my birthday cake at the end of March, I returned to world of baking last Thursday, with a day off work as my car sat in a local garage awaiting its MOT test (and inevitable failure). This time, I was going to bake some brioche rolls or loaves. Brioche is a product that looks very appetising but it’s not something I could remember having tasted before. I bought the ingredients for this not long after making my chocolate cake so it would be very hard for me to state that I was unprepared for this in any way!

You can find the recipe for this one insideĀ Bread Revolution and therefore, I’m not going to disclose too many details on this page.

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