Christmas 2013

I do hope that everyone has had a great Christmas so far. I don’t like to think of it as being ‘all over’, even two-days after the main event but 2014 is only moving closer. Despite not feeling at all ‘festive’ in the run up and not desiring anything more than the usual additions to my annual chocolate stash; for me personally, this has been one of the best Christmases. In a word, it has been UNIQUE

When you’re heater’s not working, it retains other uses for display.

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On Domestic Abuse…

This post is most certainly off-topic. But, this is my blog after all. I’ve been ‘umming’ and ‘ahhhing’ for the last week about whether or not I should post it here and it’s taken me until now (22.30 on Friday night) to be able to sit down and to formulate this. Domestic abuse is a subject that’s very close to my heart. I’ll only go as far as to say that I’ve seen too much of it in my brief lifetime. One thing I am certain of is that there is no reason for it and, even where there is an excuse, well, I think you have to then ask yourself what the true definition of that word is because it cannot form an answer that would stand up in a court of law.

I’m going to write my response to recent revelations within the media as to the true nature of Charles Saatchi‘s character within a relationship with Nigella Lawson. If you do not wish to read on, that’s absolutely fine and I promise to make my next post about working with wood. 😉

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