Tomato Week

Before another week begins, let’s take a moment to travel back beyond the previous 7 days to look at what I made and ate during my second productive week in following my new cook book.

This time, the theme is undoubtedly going to be tomatoes.

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Last Week’s Eatings

Had I not purchased a twin-pack of pizzas towards the end of the previous week, I might’ve been able to say now that I’d enjoyed five straight days home-made evening meals. Three out of five remains a good result and there’s still room to improve over the coming weeks (four usually comes after three).

Here’s my trio of main meals from last week. All recipes were taken from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food.

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A Man’s Salad?!?

Today, I find myself torn between writing about food and sharing yet another fence panel repair (yes, only my second of 2014 – and I really thought I was done with them the last time!). Having spent the previous evening at a Thai restaurant in the city centre, there’s only way my stomach is going to turn with this post! It’s not really until you start crafting and creating your own meals (following a recipe or from scratch) that you begin to appreciate the joys of dining out. Those anxieties about eating in public soon fade away as you’re waited on and served, with someone behind closed doors having done most of the hard work.

A salad is on the way!

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