Makin’ Bacon Wave

Did you know that you can make a bacon sandwich in a microwave? Some might disregard the microwave as nothing more than a re-heater-upper but I’ve spent almost the last three-years getting by with one, in the absence of a reliable gas or fan oven. I should add that mine’s a ‘combi’ model, with a convection fan feature for oven cooking meals. As I prepare to say goodbye to mine in exchange for a halogen oven, I thought I’d share with you this method of making a bacon sandwich.

Mmmmm… Bacon!

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Court in the Heat

Yesterday morning began with a three-hour meditation at the Buddhist Centre in Bristol and I also got to see one of my closest friends, who I don’t get to see very often. I won’t dwell on that experience too much because although it started well, I decided to alter my seating position for the final stage of meditation and I was anything but comfortable for those agonising minutes… All twenty of them!

I usually kneel astride a stack of rectangular cushions but that sometimes leaves me with pain in my lower back but usually, only on my right side. Minor adjustments to raise the height of my seat and more haven’t quite sorted this, which is why I decided to try and sit cross-legged, with bolster cushions to rest my legs on either side. I took my friend’s advice and used a stack of cushions to raise my seating position so that my legs could rest but still, I was struggling and, well, I didn’t really get anything other than a sense of frustration before lunchtime came and we went out for a coffee (tea, actually).

A ‘Grass Angel’ created by me; photo courtesy of my Instagram account.

That’s all I’m going to say on that. Now, I’d like to focus on my most recent visit to Ashton Court, last Saturday…

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A Great Afternoon

What a difference seven-days can make, when it concerns the British weather… Last weekend was glorious, if a little windy on the Saturday. Waking up today, it’s like it has been for the last few; wet and windy and it looks as though it’s set to last a little while.

Brunel’s S.S. Great Britain – Bristol

I have plenty to do in the workshop this afternoon but I’d like to first share with you a little outing from last Saturday afternoon. I’m not sure why I haven’t blogged about this sooner… Time has been a bit of a issue and I’ve wasted a couple of evenings this week in trying to upload a new video, only for the program to tell me, after hours of editing, that several video files are corrupted!!

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