Sawhorse Survivor

Until I recently started finally building a garden gate for my mother [more on that to follow!], which involves working with timbers 7ft or 2.1m long, the folding sawhorses I made last year had spent the past five-months living outside my current home. You see, when I moved in, there was still some work to be done (boxing in, etc.) and I needed something to work on. Even after I finished, I got so used to not tripping over them in my workshop that I decided to leave them outside until I’d made some space inside the workshop… As you can probably guess, that never quite happened!

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Sawhorse Solution

Two old horses.

One of the items that’s been sitting near the top of my To-Do List pile for some time now involves replacing my existing pair of saw horses with something more ‘functional’ for a small workshop. This previous design also came from Danny Proulx’s Toolboxes and Workbenches title, like the toolbox tote I completed earlier this week. They’re not a bad design. In fact, they are very sturdy and will withstand a good amount of weight (as I found out, last summer, when I buily a 6ft workbench from 3in beech). I keep tripping over the feet, which consume valuable floor space on their own. They can be removed and stored on the legs but, it’s a real chore and a bit of a faff. A sound design then… But still, you need a good amount of working space to avoid any trips and falls.

So, what have I now come up with?

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