Chest of Drawers

All I’ve heard on the radio for the past two days has been an endless string of adverts for all the post-Christmas bargains to be had on the high street and online. I’m always sceptical but one thing I’m certain of is that I do not need a brand-new TV with all the latest add-ons and features! Yesterday, I braved the wind, rain and hailstones to pick up a bargain of my own, which I spotted through a local Gumtree ad.

After six-weeks of living out of black bags, I’m finally able to say that I have acquired a chest of drawers for my bedroom!

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New (Old) Tools

There’s no need to get too excited about this one… One of the members of a UK woodworking forum was offering a variety of unused, unwanted tools for sale. Including within his listing, were an assorted variety of screwdrivers, pliers and files, as you’ll see below:

No-one else had come in for them by the time I’d discovered the listing so, I swooped in and bought the lot!

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Another Day Out

Following on from a recent trip down to Plymouth to purchase a pillar drill; I spent Friday driving around the southern counties of Wiltshire and Hampshire, after winning an Elektra Beckum PK200 table saw [now branded Metabo] in an eBay auction (I had a few other items to drop off while I was down there.).

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