DIYing for Friends

I recently made reference to the fact that I spent a weekend working at a friend’s house in early October. This largely involved sanding the wooden floors in two rooms and attending to the near-disastrous state of alcove shelving in the living room (some people should be banned from owning hand saws).

Let’s start by looking at the big job: sanding. Lots of sanding. Then again, downstairs.

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Wall Shelf Completed

Some of you may have already seen this on The Wood Haven a few weeks ago but, for all you other woodworkers out there, I recently finished an Arts & Crafts or “Craftsman“-style wall shelf made from solid English oak offcuts I’d had lying around for a while.

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Wall Shelf Workings

On Friday and immediately after taking those photos for the latest Workshop Tour, I began sorting through my offcuts of 1in English oak. This stuff was left over from a dining table I made about a year ago, for which I had to buy a load of new boards for the top at the last-minute, which had left me with this pile until recently:

I need to start working through my offcuts in order to clear some space in the workshop. However, the only item I really ‘need‘ at the minute is a general storage shelf; the depth of which should allow me to make use of the narrow widths available…

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