Weekend in Waunfawr

Waunfawr (a name I’m still unsure of how to pronounce) is where we set up for the weekend, in a four-bedroom Rhosgoch Cottage that felt far removed from everyday society.

In this post, I’ll look at what we had available on site and within the local area.

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Riding the Welsh Highland Railway

Saturday 17th October 2015

We left Caernarfon Castle with two options to ensure our return to the cottage:

  1. We could phone ‘home’ for a lift.
  2. We could take the train home and walk a few short miles back from the station.

Walking the six-mile distance wasn’t an attractive scenario, with my OS map still in the boot of the car we’d waved goodbye to a few hours earlier, it would’ve meant following the roads of reassurance… For a good two-hours.

So, we each payed for our one-way tickets to Waunfawr and hopped on to the Welsh Highland Railway.

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Caernarfon Castle

Saturday 17th October 2015

This is the first post in a short series detailing the events a group of us experienced during a weekend in North Wales last month.

Where I could begin with ‘Day One’, that mostly consisted of a four-and-a-half-hour journey, plus time spent settling in. I’ll include my photos and reflections from that in a separate post, bundled together with other images taken from the area surrounding our cottage.

Here, we were off to Caernarfon Castle for a few hours.

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Back From Wales – Again!

Quite late on Monday evening, I arrived back home after a weekend away in North Wales. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to forewarn you of this latest adventure but I intend to share a short summary of our events in this post.


As time goes on (and I’m still writing about the days I spent up in Derbyshire, last month), I’ll have more detail for you. In the mean time, here are the highlights.

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