Sawhorse Survivor

Until I recently started finally building a garden gate for my mother [more on that to follow!], which involves working with timbers 7ft or 2.1m long, the folding sawhorses I made last year had spent the past five-months living outside my current home. You see, when I moved in, there was still some work to be done (boxing in, etc.) and I needed something to work on. Even after I finished, I got so used to not tripping over them in my workshop that I decided to leave them outside until I’d made some space inside the workshop… As you can probably guess, that never quite happened!

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Bad Door Made Good (Part 1)

Several weeks ago, while building the side table, I made a brief mention that my mum had purchased a cheap (£60!) “exterior” door from B&Q. It’s identical to this door only, it’s not painted and, of course, it was less than half that price. As it’s made from spruce (a cheap, lightweight, fast-growing softwood) and the joints are clearly dowelled together, the only real “exterior” quality within this product has got to be the double-glazed unit (DGU).

Dowelling Despair...

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I was only back in April [see Sawhorse Solution] that I last re-built a new style of saw horse for my workshop! Unfortunately, I never really got along with that idea. It has potential but, it was let down by the cheap Tee-hinges and needed to have timber bracing fixed directly underneath, or else the whole thing could lean to one of three-sides while you’re working – I learned this while trying to  rip down some 12mm MDF sheets, the other week, for my display plinths at the Furnish exhibition!

So, I’ve left my pile of books on the shelf and, this time, I’ve devised my own solution…

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