Making a Car Boot Box

Some of you might remember seen the ‘rustic’ wooden box I made back in July. I think it’s an item that was showcased on the social networks more so than right here on this blog but I’m writing now to let you know that a video of the process is now available to watch on YouTube.

It was a simple project and I’m pleased with how well it’s been received in the past week. What’s more, my subscriber total has now passed 1,500 and is fast on its way to 1,600! There has always been a temptation to create common ‘how-to‘ videos and projects that anyone can make but what I enjoy doing is to show you how I’ve made something; to show you how I operate within my own workshop and, if I can, to tell a bit of a story along the way – because these are the things I enjoy most in other people’s videos. I mean, I could make an end-grain cutting board with my eyes closed!! 😉

Thank you, everyone!! 🙂

Even though I scrapped the van for which this was built before Christmas, this is a box that has a home in the boot of my estate car.

Thank you for reading and for watching. Please subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t done so already.

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YouTube Update – August 2013

Since my last video update, I seem to have added two more films to my YouTube channel – I guess this delay in notifying you is another reason for you to PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my channel, so that you find out before… You do?

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for everyone has already subscribed because I have just this week passed the 600 mark – at this rate, I might just make it to 1,000 before 2014! 😉

My first video is the making of the toilet roll holder, which has already soared to almost 1,000 views in less than one week! It’s a ‘silent’ film, in the sense that I don’t narrate over or talk through any part of it. Some people dislike that but most seem welcome to it, judging by my current response. I’m always welcome to hearing what more people think and I’m keen to keep trying new things in future videos.

After that, you have a near-ten-minute film on setting the knives in my Axminster AW106PT, which I use solely as a thicknesser. I do talk through that one (a non-narration) and again, I’m always welcome to feedback on that as well.

I’m aiming to have a brand-new project-based video out by… Let’s say Monday night, as it is a Bank Holiday weekend! 😉

Thanks for reading, watching, subscribing, liking and have a great weekend! 🙂


Earlier this week, we passed the 100,000 mark for all-time views to this site and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s subscribed, commented and also to those who only check in occasionally. It all helps and I’m very grateful to anyone who takes even a small amount of their time to glance over these pages – THANK YOU! 🙂

I’d like to try and provide you with some interesting stats on this blog, which has been running since August 2009 (if I remember correctly – I’m not sure where to find the start date)…

By a long mile, the majority of my hits come from readers in the UK, followed next by the USA, Canada and then some of the larger European nations, like Germany, with Australia not far behind. More recently though (in the last month), I’ve seen an increase in traffic from countries like Lithuania, Russia, Croatia and even Thailand. Wow!

My busiest day was on September 20th 2011, when I received 318 hits.

I currently average around 4,000 hits per month, which appears to approximate between 100-150 visits each day. Back when I started this, I was struggling to reach 1,000 a month. To see this figure quadruple in three-years means a lot to me! If I can attract more interest from the US then, who knows, maybe I could even try to double the current standings!

Three most popular search terms leading people to this site are “tuff saws”, “quangsheng” and “quangsheng planes”.

My review of the Work Sharp 3000 is one of the most popular pages (after the home page, etc.).

Aside from general search engine terms, most of my referrals have come from my signature on the UKworkshop forum, Workshop Heaven’s blog and Flowering Elbow.

My Most Popular ‘Click’!

This image is one of my all-time most popular ‘Clicks’; creating a brown oak raised and fielded panel using a Quangsheng Rebating Block Plane.

Before posting this, there are a total of 455 comments on this site (does that include ping an trackbacks?), averaging 12 comments per month. 15th February 2011 was the most active day for comments and 21.00 seems to be the most active time of day.

My followers include 88 who are subscribed to this blog, 32 subscribed to comments (I think that’s what it means?), 412 following through Twitter and 12 watching from Facebook.

In three-years, I’ve made a total of 264 posts (including this one) and, apparently, have received 14,280 spam comments!!

I don’t know what else to say, other than thank you again to everyone who’s been involved so far. I know I have my quiet moments where I tend not to post anything for weeks at a time but, I have no intention of giving up this part of my life just yet. It’s one of the few things that keeps me going at times. I only wish that work didn’t get in the way! 😛

Thanks for reading.