Spring Show Purchases

This post is going to be a brief recap of the few items I purchased at the Yandles show yesterday afternoon. I have driven all the way down there, looked around and then come home again without spending a penny in the past… That’s not easy to do! But then, I’m not one for splurging a small fortunate in a moment of madness (unless I’m sat infront of my laptop, perhaps…).

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Lipping Forwards

You may have already guessed by now that I didn’t get much done on the router table last weekend. Actually, I barely spent any time in the workshop at all. I find it hard to go in there sometimes… Not just because I live further away now but, when working with wood and power tools for four-and-a-half days a week, I often feel as though I’d like to be doing something different on a weekend. I guess that workshops are a lot like relationships and women in that respect… Every now and again, we need a little time apart from one another! 😛

This afternoon and, with the up-and-over door wide open, I braved the unbearable heat(!) of my small workshop in order to begin working on the top to my new router table. First, I needed to lip all the edges of the MDF sheet with some kind of hardwood.

Looking at the photo above; can you guess which species I used, before clicking below to read on? 🙂

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A Cracking Discovery…

Remember those videos I shot of the end-grain cutting boards project a few months ago? Yeah, they went down really well and, what’s more, they seem to be experiencing continual growth on a gradual basis. One was a gift to my mother and the other two of the larger ones still remain unused in one of my kitchen cupboards – I’ve found that the smallest square (not rectangular) size actually suits me very well for sandwich-making and for the buttering of toast.

And then, only two-weeks ago, I noticed this:

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Bad Door Made Good (Part 2)

Continuing straight on from Part 1 then; I picked up a few lengths of 4x2in redwood (unsorted) from my local timber merchant, Staddons. I went in with the intention of buying saw boards and preparing them myself but, I knew I would only struggle to plane even two 2.1m lengths in my workshop (those 1.8m lengths I used for my workbench last year proved to be enough of a challenge!). So, I payed a bit extra (about £50 in total) I bought my materials with a finished size of 94x44mm, which is ideal. They were even kind enough to select a couple of straight lengths for the stiles, at my request – I couldn’t fault the timber that was chosen for me. Perhaps not the kind of service you’d expect to find at a larger yard, which is why I like using these guys for small orders like this. You’re not allowed anywhere near to the timber for H&S reasons but, having them select the boards for you is the next best thing. 😎

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Sharp Storage

Earlier this week, I built a quick-and-easy storage unit for all the accessories of my Work Sharp 3000 grinder. It is constructed from 13mm MR (moisture resistant) MDF; left over from a router table build back in 2008. There’s nothing particularly special about the construction -screws and lots of glue – but, I think you may be interested to see how I managed to do this without a table saw to dimension the components.

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