Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer

Jubbly-bubbly... Or not!!

Most of the past week has been spent finishing (literally!) various bits and pieces – look out for future posts in the next week or so. While I began lacquering my English cherry bookshelf several weeks ago, it just wasn’t going as well as I had hoped and the finish was less than satisfactory. Before binning the leftover lacquer and switching to Osmo’s hard wax oil though, I sent an e-mail to Chestnut directly, to see if they could offer any advice…

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Smith & Roger Wood Finishes

Apologies for my silence recently. Truth is, I’ve been quite busy with other things and haven’t been able to get out in to the workshop as often as I would like. Now that I’ve got a bit of time, we’re waking up each morning to find frost on the ground! Guess I’ll have to look at insulating and draught-proofing the garage door ASAP then!

Today, I’d like to hand out a recommendation for Smith & Roger, a Glasgow-based supplier of all manner wood finishes. They even offer courses as well as kits for French Polishing – here’s their website: Continue reading…