Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2014

Today, in the woodworking world, it’s the annual fund-raising, Cancer-fighting charity build. Take a look on YouTube and you’ll find (from my reckoning) more than 20 people who’ve already supported this cause by uploading videos of the projects they’ve been working on. Below, I’m going to share with you three of my favourites – although that’s not to imply that I’m even halfway through my Watch Later list!

To learn about the cause and its origins, please head over to The Wood Whisperer’s site.

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Book Box Beginnings

Whenever I’m working on something, I always seem to have two other projects running at the same time. You might already be aware that I’m making a folding meditation stool and you’ve probably seen in recent weeks that I’m slowly making progress on a pair of chess boards. But what you won’t have seen much of is this third project, which I’ve only really started this week.

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Hand-Picked Box

I made reference to this project a couple of weeks ago in another post. It’s a small gift I made for someone I consider to be a very close friend, even though we’ve only known each other a matter of months. I’ve kept it a secret until now just in case she happened to stumble upon these pages but, there’s no longer any danger of that. She’s delighted with the small plectrum (guitar pick) box that I made for her and I’ll show you how I made it (well, two of them, in fact!).

This is a near-direct copy of something I saw in one of Steve Ramsey’s videos over at Woodworking for Mere Mortals. This video appeared a matter of weeks before I met the young lady in question and, when I realised how much she loved guitars, I knew that I wanted to make a box like this for her… I just needed an occasion! 🙂

If you’ve seen Steve’s video then you’ll notice that I approached things a little differently. For a start, I don’t have a scroll saw but I’m also incredibly safety concious after slicing my thumb open on a stationary planer knife two years ago.

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Router Table Fence Clamps

It was after seeing a video for Steve Ramsey’s router table build that I decided I would make one final change (an improvement, even) to my newly-complete table saw/router table station before I attempt to clean it up ready for selling. Steve’s videos are always inspirational. His videos on YouTube are probably my favourite and have been for the past year. Modestly, Steve admits that he cannot accept much credit for the idea behind the clamps he’s made for his router table fence but it’s the kind of genius thinking that I believe we all can learn from.

For starters, I’ve never been too satisfied with the clamping system on my old benchtop table. A cut a pair of grooves in the top and, using two short lengths of threaded rod (M8 studding) with a Bristol lever on one end and a sliding nut on the other, I was able to lock the fence in position without any play or movement. Problems began to arise whenever I wanted to remove the fence.

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