ARNO Carbur 2 Burinsher

Over the weekend, and while taking a breather from all the exhibition work I’ve been involved with, I’ve had a chance to play with a new ‘toy’ I received last week (thanks, James) as part of the latest UKworkshop Passaround; courtesy of Workshop Heaven.

The ARNO Carbur 2 Solid Carbide Burnisher

It’s the ARNO Carbur 2 Burnisher; designed to save time and make life easier for those of us who struggle to correctly form a hook and sharpen a card or cabinet scraper.

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Another Quangsheng Plane

Where I say ‘another‘ in the title above, what I mean is that this block plane is the first one from the Quangsheng range that I have owned. I was so impressed with the rebating block plane that I borrowed [thanks again, Matthew!] several months ago, that I couldn’t resist buying one of these in the current Rutlands sale, with the ridiculously low prices. Actually, it’s a shame they don’t also stock the rebating planes, or else I’d have bought one of those as well! 😀

Ignore the label, Tom...! 😉

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Following the Line

It’s fair to say that I’ve been procrastinating away from making progress on this cherry bookshelf (hence the flurry unrelated posts in between this one and the last!). While it took me the best part of two-days, I did eventually manage to get the dovetail joints cut and fitted, and I’m now ready to start cutting the sliding dovetail housings for the shelves, later on this week. This was also the first time I had used my new dovetail saw, made by Atkinson Walker in Sheffield.

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Saw Handling

Shortly before Christmas, I purchased an 8in Dovetail Saw Kit from Workshop Heaven (made by Atkinson Walker in Sheffiled). This kit is based around the same idea of the Gramercy 9in Saw Kit, which has become quite popular in America; they supply all the parts and you customise your own personal handle from your preferred species of wood. Yesterday, I finished shaping my own handle for the Atkinson Walker saw and I wanted to share my thoughts and experience of this.

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Quangsheng Rebating Block Plane: My Verdict

If not for a minor accident last week [more on that to come!], I’d have been able to deliver my final thoughts on the Quangsheng Rebate Block Plane before now. For the time has come to pass it on to the next participant in the Workshop Heaven Passaround.

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Quangsheng Rebate Block Plane (Part 1)

For the past week now, I’ve been in possession of a rebate block plane with Chinese origins; branded ‘Quangsheng‘, supplied by Workshop Heaven (identical planes, with no branding, are also available from other UK suppliers). As this is my turn in the latest Workshop Heaven ‘passaround‘ on the UKworkshop forums [another incentive to join!], I don’t get to keep it for long. So, without purchasing a plane of my very own, I can only give my first impressions. Read All About Them…